Nerf Barricade and Stockade

The Nerf Barricade is a great secondary blaster. It can be continuously fired with one hand making it easy to dual wield and it has a 10 round capacity. The Barricade has been out of production for a while but can be easily found through local classifieds or thrift stores. Recently, more 3d printed modification parts have become available for the Nerf Barricade making it more competitive in the Nerfing International Community. These mods range from cosmetic to performance and functional improvements. Be sure to check out the Barricade parts in my shop!

Barricade Overview

The Nerf Barricade is the first flywheel dart blaster in the Nerf line of products. It carries 10 darts in a cylinder similarly to a revolver pistol. The darts are loaded into the front of the cylinder. There is an on/off safety switch on the right side of the blaster. When the switch is on the flywheels receive power and the trigger can be pulled to fire a dart. When the switch is off the safety is engaged and the trigger cannot be pulled. The Barricade has a double acting trigger in the fact that it advances the cylinder and pushes a dart. The action sequence is as follows:

  1. Blaster at rest, cylinder is between rounds;
  2. Half trigger pull, cylinder half advances to next round;
  3. Full trigger pull, push next dart into flywheels;
  4. Half release, pusher retracts and clears the cylinder; and
  5. Full release, cylinder half advances between rounds.

The Barricade was designed to fire Nerf Whistler darts which have a larger dart head and therefore has a larger cage geometry and smaller flywheels. It is possible to fire Elite darts but ensure the blaster is operated with firm trigger pulls to get the darts into the flywheels. Performance can be improved by using flywheels from another blaster or aftermarket flywheels. 3d printed cages can be purchased and installed. The use of 3d printed and aftermarket components is done at the modifier's risk!

The following chart provides guidance for cage geometries and crush distances. All measurements are in millimeters.  The chart calculates the gap between the flywheels.  Each row is based on flywheel cage crush distances and the columns provide the flywheel diameters.  It is possible to use smaller flywheels with a tighter cage gap to achieve the same amount of crush but the dart velocities would be slightly slower due to lower tangential velocites.  Smaller diameter flywheels would also have shorter rev up times.  There are many factors that contribute to dart velocities and I am not an expert in this matter.

Nerf Stockade

The Nerf Stockade is a reshell of the Nerf Barricade but it is designed to shoot Elite darts. The trigger and pusher mechanics are the same as the Barricade but the Stockade flywheel assembly is different. The flywheels, motors and cage as an assembly will fit in the Nerf Barricade.  However, the Stockade uses a differently shaped motor and therefore the cage and motors are not compatible.   The Stockade performs poorly and internal components should be upgraded to bring it on par with modern blasters. 

Off-Brand Barricades

The Barricade has been copied by other manufactures and has been sold under other names.  The copies are very close to the original and some still carry the Barricade RV-10 wording on the sides but the Nerf logo has been removed.  I do not have any experience with these blasters or their internals.  Since these blasters are recasts the shells are slightly larger and the Tacticade and Deltacade kits will not fit without further modification.


The modification of Nerf blasters requires technical ability.  Xero1Tec Inc. does not recommend the modification of Nerf blasters.  You do so at your own risk.  Take all safety percautions while using shop tools.  Modifaction of blasters will void product warranties.  Blaster lifespan may be deceased.  Modified blasters are no longer considered toys and should be treated accordingly.  Xero1Tec Inc. is not responsible for injuries or damages occuring from blaster modification or use of modified blasters.  

 Xero1Tec Inc. has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates. 

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